Direct Mail with Maps

Increase foot traffic and response rates with a personal touch. Variable Maps’ patented technology can add a personalized map to any piece of direct mail marketing, showing your customers the route between their home and your business.

Meet your new customers—where they live.

Connect with your audience

Meet your prospects at home— whether you’re approaching new clients or highlighting sales deals or events.

From their front door to yours

If you have multiple locations, we choose the closest to their home, so they know where to find you.

And increase foot traffic

Featuring a personalized map in your direct mail marketing generates a 40% higher response rate.

A few examples



Make a big impact with full-color, oversized, glossy postcards, featuring a personalized map and enough space for an announcement, special offer, or event invitation.

Letters + Envelopes

Letters & Envelopes

Letter mailers are one of the most effective kinds of direct mail. Envelopes with oversized windows showcase a large personalized map directing customers to your door, while the folded insert can be used as a traditional letter, a flyer, or a coupon.



Multiple-panel self-mailers provide even more space to print coupons, special offers, or important announcements. The personalized map can be printed on a perforated flap, allowing customers to tear it off and take it with them.

  • Targeted
  • Individualized
  • Cost-effective
  • Highly flexible